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Before you begin

To determine if a particular data jack is active, use the UITS Telecom Search form.

Every data jack on campus should be marked with an identification number. This number will be posted somewhere on the jack and should be provided when requesting installation, activation, or repair.

If a data jack (the RJ-45 data plug or connector that resembles a modular telephone line plug) is inserted a fraction of an inch too far, the connection may work intermittently or not at all. The best way to insert the plug is to push it in until the locking tab clicks, and then pull back slightly.

Residential data jacks

In campus housing, data jacks may consist of either one or two ports, but only one is active in either case.

For help, contact your campus Support Center.

  • IU Bloomington: In Briscoe, Collins, Spruce Hall, 3rd & Union, Tulip Tree apartments, Wells Quadrangle, and Union Street Center, you will need to provide your own standard Cat 5 or Cat 6 Ethernet straight-through patch cord. In all other campus housing, you will find an IU proprietary Ethernet crossover cable attached to the wall data jack.

    Campus View uses both standard Ethernet cables and IU wall cables, depending on the room. In the back bedroom, use a standard Ethernet cable; use an IU wall cable in all other rooms.

  • IUPUI: In Ball Residence Hall, the Campus Apartments on the Riverwalk, North Hall, and the Tower, use a commercial Ethernet cable.

Office data jacks

If applicable, direct data jack requests to your department telecommunications coordinator; in most cases, this will be your IT Pro. Allow five to seven business days for installation, activation, or repair.

As a faculty or staff member, you may request installation, activation, or repair of data jacks by completing the data jack request form (requires authentication).

For help, contact your campus Support Center.

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