Add or remove a link from the IU Directory of Personal Home Pages to a web page

At Indiana University, UITS maintains and publishes the Directory of Non-departmental Home Pages.

Your display name and home page title and a link to your personal home page will be included automatically in this list only if the following criteria are met:

  • The filename of your personal home page is home.html or index.html. You may want to start by editing the home-template.html file and renaming it to home.html or index.html.
  • The home.html or index.html file exists in your www subdirectory.
  • Your home.html or index.html file is web-accessible; that is, all the directory and file permissions are correct. (The correct permissions should be set automatically, but if you're not sure they're properly set, run spinweb.)

If you have included a valid HTML title (for example, <title>My Document Title</title>) at the top of your home.html or index.html document, the title will be included in the personal home page list along with your name and display name.

The display name may not always appear correctly.

If you want to publish information on the web, but do not wish to be automatically listed, create files with names other than home.html and index.html in the www subdirectory. If your home page is currently listed, you can change the names of the relevant files and your entry will be removed the next day. For your home page to appear at the URL (where username is your username), use one of the following alternatives to home.html: home.htm, home.shtml, index.html, index.htm, or index.shtml. Otherwise, that URL will return an error.

If you have an existing home page on a personal or departmental computer that you wish to have listed in the directory of personal home pages, in the www directory of your Mercury account, create a file named forward.home that contains:

  • A standard HTML title that will be used to label your entry in the directory of personal home pages (optional, but a good idea)
  • A complete URL pointing to the location of your home page

Thus a forward.home file might look like this:

  <title>My Home Page Title</title>

A forward.home file takes precedence over the home.html or index.html file. If a forward.home file exists, it will be honored even if a home.html or index.html file is present (that is, the URL listed in the forward.home file will be displayed in the directory of personal home pages). This will not redirect users from to the URL in forward.home.

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