Research Technologies services

Compute and storage resources

Cloud computing

Data storage

  • Data Capacitor Wide Area Network 2 (DC-WAN2): Large-capacity, high-bandwidth Lustre file system that lets researchers access and share remote data
  • Geode Home Directory: Personal storage of scripts, documents, configurations, and programs for use on IU's supercomputers
  • Geode-Project: Storage of scripts, documents, configurations, and programs for collaboration on IU's network computers
  • Scholarly Data Archive (SDA): IU research data storage and access (long-term and large data storage)
  • Slate storage: Large-capacity, high-bandwidth Lustre file system for individuals requiring persistent storage of data mounted on IU research computing systems
  • Slate-Project storage space: Large-capacity, high-bandwidth Lustre file system for persistent storage of data on IU research computing systems

Federally funded resources

Interactive computing

  • IUanyWare: Allows use of a web browser or mobile app to run certain IU-licensed software applications
  • Research Desktop (RED): Application that allows use of IU's supercomputers in a graphical desktop window on a personal computer


  • Big Red 200 supercomputer: Supercomputer to support scientific, medical, and advanced research in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data analytics
  • Big Red 3 supercomputer: Supercomputer dedicated to large-scale, compute-intensive applications that need extreme processing capability and high-bandwidth network topology
  • Carbonate supercomputer: Large-memory computer cluster configured to support high performance, data-intensive computing for IU students, faculty, and staff

Expert consulting

Consulting for data management

Consulting for grants

Consulting for research workflows

Consulting for RT resources

  • HPC everywhere: Status and usage information about IU's advanced compute and storage systems
  • Supercomputer Pathfinder: Find out which supercomputer best suits the needs of your project and level of experience

Research software

Available software

Obtain/request software

Training and outreach

Education and workforce development


STEM pipeline

Workshops, trainings, and seminars

Visualization and data services

3D digitization and output

Advanced media techniques

  • Advanced media techniques: Consulting and production for 3D printing, models, and environments, and commodity virtual and augmented reality

Digital exhibit development

Regulated data workflows and enclaves

Research databases

  • IU REDCap: Secure, web-based application for building and managing surveys and databases in support of academic research
  • Research Database Complex (RDC): Supports research-related databases and data-intensive applications that require databases (MySQL and Oracle)

Visualization systems and consulting

  • Visualization consulting: Applications and optimizations of existing scientific and information visualization tools, methods, and workflows
  • Visualization systems: Advanced displays and cyberinfrastructure in support of visualization, including IQ-Walls, Science-on-a-Sphere, multi-touch tables, and content servers

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