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X Window System basics

The Linux Documentation Project's X Window User HOWTO document is a good introduction to the X Window System. While it emphasizes the Linux operating system and the XFree86 implementation of the X Window System (see below), most of its contents apply to all implementations.

The FAQ is a regularly updated FAQ describing different types of software available for the X Window System.

You can also find a nearly exhaustive list of links to sites providing help with the X Window System at Technical X Window System and Motif WWW Sites.

XFree86 and Xorg

If you are installing the X Window System on a computer running the Linux operating system, you're probably using XFree86 (or more likely its fork, Xorg), a particular implementation of the X Window System that was originally developed for Intel-compatible PCs. Most of the conf file syntax between XFree86 and Xorg is identical. If you are using XFree86 or Xorg, you may find these other documents useful.

Warning: Incorrectly installing XFree86 can permanently damage a monitor, rendering it unusable. Pay very close attention to the configuration instructions that come with the operating system you are installing, and to the advice in the following documents.

At Indiana University, for personal or departmental Linux or Unix systems support, see At IU, how do I get support for Linux or Unix?

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