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To access Oncourse, which web browser should I use?

Most features in Oncourse work with most popular modern browsers. Oncourse is regularly tested with Internet Explorer (Windows) and Firefox (Windows and Mac OS X), and developers try to ensure there are no serious browser-specific bugs with these applications. Consider using Internet Explorer or Firefox for the most reliable experience.

UITS recommends using the most up-to-date version of your preferred browser. Current versions of Firefox and Internet Explorer are available to Indiana University students, faculty, and staff via IUware. Note that new incompatibilities may be introduced when a new browser version is released; developers will work to address serious compatibility problems as quickly as possible.

Note: To determine which browser version you're running, from the Help or your browser's menu, select About [your browser].

Some people have reported better performance with one browser than with another. If your browser's performance is not adequate, close your browser, log into Oncourse from a different browser, and try the same task again. If you continue to have difficulties, contact your campus Support Center. During business hours, faculty can also get help from the teaching and learning centers.


  • With the exception of Safari in iOS5 and Firefox for Android, most mobile browsers for mobile phones and tablets do not support creating and editing content in the rich-text editor.
  • Note: Recent versions of Firefox and Internet Explorer may block some links to external web sites and embedded content, such as videos. For more, see Problems seeing linked web sites or videos.

  • In Lessons (beta), when you click a link to a test using Firefox 24, the test may appear not to load. At the very top of the page, you'll see a message that reads "Firefox prevented this page from automatically redirecting to another page." On the far right, click Allow, and the test will be displayed.

  • You may get unexpected results if you use two browser windows or tabs to access the same tool at the same time. For best results, use one browser window to work in Oncourse.

  • For general suggestions regarding system requirements and connection speed, see General system and connection requirements.
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Last modified on March 25, 2014.

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