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How do I print from an IUanyWare application?

Printing from an IUanyWare application is similar to printing from other Windows applications. However, not all Windows applications handle printing the same way; adjust the following directions accordingly.

From the File menu, select Print to bring up the print screen for the IUanyWare application. The default printer displayed by the IUanyWare application will be the one configured as the default printer on your local computer. If you change the default printer, the IUanyWare application will change to your new selection. If no default printer is configured on your local device, IUanyWare will select the Citrix UNIVERSAL Printer for you.

In addition, IUanyWare supports a list of UITS-managed enterprise printers. If you wish, you may select a different printer or device from the drop-down menu. The choices include:

  • The default printer configured by your local computer: The output sent to your local printer will be associated with the credentials used by the local computer, not your IUanyWare credentials.

  • Adobe PDF: This is a virtual printer which allows the user to create an Adobe PDF file, name it, and store it on your local computer or in your cloud storage location of choice.

  • CIBPRT: This print queue routes output to the printers in the Cyberinfrastructure Building. Access to CIB printers is limited to those who work in the CIB.

  • Citrix UNIVERSAL Printer: This generic printer driver routes your output to the printer defined as the default on your local workstation or client. This driver option is displayed for Windows clients only, and may not take advantage of the advanced features of your printer.

  • IUB_BW_Printers: B&W printers located in the IUB Student Technology Centers

  • IUPUI_BW_Printers: B&W printers located in the IUPUI Student Technology Centers

  • Regional_Campus_BW_Printers: B&W printers located in the Student Technology Centers of participating regional campuses

  • Regional_Campus_Color_Printers: Color printers located in the Student Technology Centers of participating regional campuses

    Note: At this time, participating regional campuses include IU East, IU Southeast, and IUPU Columbus.

After selecting the printer, select any other settings available for your printer, choose the desired number of copies, and click Print.

Students: In order to ensure optimum performance, your IUanyWare profile is reset at the end of each academic year (between summer and fall); for details, see About the IUanyWare student user profile reset.

For help with IUanyWare, contact your campus Support Center, or search the IU Knowledge Base.

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Last modified on December 26, 2013.

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