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ARCHIVED: In Eudora for Mac OS or Mac OS X, why can't I get the attachments in email messages?

For important information about accessing your Indiana University email account using Eudora for Mac OS or Mac OS X, see ARCHIVED: What are the requirements for using Eudora for Mac OS X to read my IU mail?

When receiving attachments in email messages with Eudora for Mac OS or Mac OS X, you can specify where Eudora is to save them to make it easier to find them. By default, Eudora saves attachments to the Attachment Folder inside your Eudora Folder. The Eudora Folder will be in either your Documents folder or the System Folder. To set the attachments folder to one that makes decoded attachments more obvious, it is probably best to set it to your Desktop folder, which will place decoded attachments on your desktop.

Attachments appear as small icons in the message window. You can drag that attachment to your desktop or into any other folder in which you wish to save the attachment. However, to set the default folder in which Eudora will save attachments, follow the steps below:

  1. Open Eudora as you usually do. You don't need to actually connect to your mail, so if you're using PPP you do not need to dial your modem and connect with PPP.

  2. From the Special menu, select Settings... .

  3. On the left you will see icons for several different aspects of the Eudora settings. Scroll down and click Attachments.

  4. Underneath or next to "Attachment Folder:" there is a long button. If the button is blank, then no attachment folder has been specified. If the button has text in it, then the text is the name of the folder where Eudora will save attachments. To select a new attachment folder, click the button.

  5. You will see a typical dialog box for selecting a file or folder. To select a folder, click that folder and then click the Use Folder or Choose button. To select the desktop, click the Desktop button, then click Use Folder or Choose.

From now on, when you run Eudora, it will decode and save attachments to the folder that you specified.

For further assistance with Eudora, visit QUALCOMM's Eudora Technical Support.

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Last modified on March 31, 2010.

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