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At IU, how can I access university-distributed software?

At Indiana University, if you are a current student, faculty member, retired faculty member, or staff member who uses a computer at work, you have several options for accessing university-distributed software available under the conditions of our various license agreements:

  • Use IUanyWare.

    IUanyWare is a client virtualization (CV) service available to Indiana University students, faculty, and staff. With IUanyWare, you can use a web browser or mobile app to run certain IU-licensed software applications without having to install them on your computer or mobile device.

    For information on software currently available through IUanyWare and in the IUB and IUPUI STCs, see the Current Software List.

    Students: In order to ensure optimum performance, your IUanyWare profile is reset at the end of each academic year (between summer and fall); for details, see About the IUanyWare student user profile reset.

  • Download it free of charge from IUware.

    IUware is a software distribution service for Indiana University students, faculty, and staff. IUware offers a wide variety of software packages at no charge, including site-licensed products from Adobe, Microsoft, Thomson Reuters, and others. Software packages include programs for reading email and web browsing, as well as antivirus and office applications. The university pays for the relevant licenses through agreements with vendors; this allows students, faculty, and staff to use the programs available through IUware free of charge. The IUware server is regularly updated, so patches and upgrades for IU-supported software are consistently available.
  • Purchase the software on CD or DVD at your campus bookstore. You will need to show one of the following:

    • A valid university ID
    • A photo ID and a schedule of classes proving current enrollment

      Note: If you are a student, to ensure you can adequately prove enrollment, contact the bookstore prior to purchasing.

  • Visit the STCs (Student Technology Centers). For more about the STCs (e.g., locations, lists of available software, hours), see Welcome to the Student Technology Centers.

    For information on software currently available through IUanyWare and in the IUB and IUPUI STCs, see the Current Software List.

  • Some software is available at the walk-in Support Center in Bloomington; see At the Support Center walk-in location in the Wells Library at IUB, what products and services are available for purchase?

Note: Staff members who do not have access to a computer at work may not download or buy software distributed under the Campus Agreement. In addition, retired staff are not eligible for software under this agreement.

A student shall be defined as one who is enrolled in one or more for-credit classes, or is carrying credit-bearing hours. This may be established in one of two ways: 1) by identifying the student via a valid student identification card; 2) by verifying that the student is enrolled in one or more credit-bearing classes through review of the Registrar public access screens in the Registrar IUIS system.

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