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ARCHIVED: In Microsoft Outlook, what is AutoArchive, and how do I use it?

Note: AutoArchive is not available in versions of Outlook for Mac OS X.

AutoArchive is a feature in Outlook that moves old mail and other items to a separate personal folder (.pst) file on your computer's hard drive, or a workgroup or departmental server. By default, it will prompt you before archiving items every 14 days and delete expired email messages from your mailbox.

The Outlook folders with AutoArchive automatically activated, along with their default aging periods, are:

  • Calendar: Six months

  • Tasks: Six months

  • Journal: Six months

  • Sent Items: Two months

  • Deleted Items: Two months

The Inbox, Notes, Contacts, and Drafts folders do not have AutoArchive activated automatically.

Setting up AutoArchive and accessing your messages in Outlook

In Outlook 2010

  1. Select the folder to AutoArchive.

  2. From the top, select the Folder tab.

  3. In the Ribbon, select AutoArchive settings.

  4. Choose from the following:

    • Do not archive
    • Archive with default settings
    • Archive with custom settings
    • Permanently delete

Outlook will then archive items based on the settings you chose.

In earlier versions of Outlook

  1. From the Tools menu, select Options... .

  2. Click the Other tab, and then click AutoArchive... .

  3. Select or deselect the first checkbox to enable or disable AutoArchive. To change the settings for individual folders (e.g., Inbox, Calendar, Sent Items, Tasks) right-click the folder and choose Properties, and then click the AutoArchive tab.

Accessing messages stored by AutoArchive

In Outlook 2010, your archive folders will be listed under "Archives" in the navigation pane of your Folder List.

In Outlook 2007 and 2003, your archive folders will be listed under "Archive Folders" in the navigation pane of your Folder list.

Manually archiving folders

In addition, you can manually transfer old items to a personal folder. Outlook can archive all types of items, such as Microsoft Excel spreadsheets or Word documents, but only if these files are stored in an email folder.

  • In Outlook 2010, from the File menu, select Cleanup Tools and then Archive... .
  • In Outlook 2007 and 2003, from the File menu, select Archive.
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Last modified on November 16, 2012.

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