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ARCHIVED: On the Shakespeare and Jewel systems, what are IMAP and local quotas?

Note: UITS is replacing the Shakespeare and Jewel systems with a new email environment called Cyrus mail. For information about the new system, see the Knowledge Base document What is Cyrus mail? On the new system, you can access your mail via IU Webmail or a desktop client, but not via Pine. For more information about your email options, see the Knowledge Base document ARCHIVED: If I used Pine on the Shakespeare or Jewel systems, what do I need to know about the recent email upgrade?

There are two kinds of storage allotments assigned on the Shakespeare and Jewel systems. In this document, they are called your local quota and your IMAP quota.

  • Local quota: Your local quota covers the files that are in your account. It includes any attachments you have saved or messages you have exported. Also included are a few configuration files, such as your Pine preferences and address book. If you go over your local quota, you won't be able to export messages or save attachments. For Ariel, Iago, Lear, and Kate, the local quota is 6,144 blocks (i.e., about 6MB). The Jade and Pearl local quota is set to 8MB.

  • IMAP quota: Your mail is stored on an IMAP server. This includes your Inbox as well as any saved-mail folders you have created. (It does not include messages or attachments you have exported, however, which count against your local quota.) If you go over your IMAP quota, you will no longer receive new mail. You also won't be able to save messages to saved-mail folders (which includes your sent-mail folder) or postpone messages. The IMAP server quota is at least 12,288 blocks (i.e., about 12MB). However, your IMAP quota could be larger depending on:

    • Your university status (e.g., undergraduate or graduate student, staff, faculty)
    • Whether it's been increased (due to need or at a faculty member's request)

    For more information, see the Knowledge Base document What is the default storage space for various UITS accounts, and how do I request an increase?
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Last modified on November 01, 2008.

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