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About videoconferencing at IU

Several options are available at Indiana University for video- and audio-enabled meetings and real-time online collaboration, including videoconferencing and client- or web-based meeting software.

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Videoconferencing in meeting rooms

At IU, most H.323 compliant (videoconferencing) hardware and software are supported. Polycom and Tandberg systems are the recommended stand-alone H.323 solutions.

To find conference rooms at IU equipped with H.323 hardware, see Videoconferencing: Finding a Room.

At Indiana University, for information on how to use the remote control for the Tandberg video system, consult IU's Tandberg Quick Start Guide (PDF).

To reserve a videoconferencing system or schedule a videoconference at Indiana University, see Videoconferencing: Finding a Room. Typically, you will use Microsoft Outlook to reserve a videoconferencing room; see Scheduling meetings and reserving rooms at IU.

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Video- and audio-enabled meetings from your desktop

Desktop videoconferencing allows you to participate in video- and audio-enabled meetings from your computer.

To participate in an H.323 videoconference from your desktop computer, you will need:

  • Desktop videoconferencing hardware and software installed on your computer

    Note: If you are on a Windows machine and have an IU Network ID, UITS recommends using Lync; see Using Microsoft Lync to connect to videoconference rooms. In Mac OS X, UITS recommends using Jabber Video (Movi).

  • Audio capabilities (e.g., a sound card and speakers or headset)
  • A reliable high-bandwidth network connection
  • A standard USB webcam

For more, see At IU, how can I create or join a videoconference?

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Video Bridge and multipoint conferencing

UITS recommends using an ad hoc conference; see At IU, how can I create or join a videoconference?

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Client- and web-based meeting software

Connect Meeting Service

IU's Connect Meeting Service (formerly called the IU Breeze Meeting Service) offers a central web-based conferencing and collaboration environment based on Adobe's Connect Enterprise Server software. With Connect Meeting, people can access a virtual meeting room through the web and collaborate online on shared content without installing videoconference software. For more, see At IU, what is the Adobe Connect Meeting Service?

Note: Connect Meeting is not standard H.323 compliant software, and will not connect directly to H.323 machines or software.

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Getting help

For help with Indiana University streaming and videoconferencing services, call 812-856-2020 or email Videoconferencing Support. For more, see Collaboration Technologies.

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