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At IU, how can faculty members arrange for accounts on the Oracle database Oed1prd for students?

If you are a faculty member at Indiana University, you can arrange for the creation of accounts on the Oracle database Oed1prd for your students by following these deadlines and guidelines:

Several months in advance

At IU Bloomington and IUPUI, you are responsible for acquiring and making arrangements for any software other than the Oracle database server and the Oracle Client. For any additional software or special configurations you will need in the Student Technology Centers (STCs), use the Software Request Form to contact UITS Student Technology Computing well in advance and provide the software and proof of licensing.

At an IU campus other than IUB or IUPUI, check with your computing support provider to determine the appropriate process to follow when requesting a software installation.

You should also contact UITS to verify the feasibility and compatibility of software applications or client tools that will potentially use Oed1prd.

At least one month in advance

Use the Instructional Needs Request Form to contact UITS at least one month in advance to establish the feasibility of using the Oed1prd database in the class and for preliminary planning.

At least two weeks before using the student Oracle accounts

Use the same Instructional Needs Request Form to send UITS the list of your students' IU Network ID usernames at least two weeks before the date you need the Oracle accounts. If you use your own assigned passwords for your students' accounts, you can use the form to list the passwords that correspond to the usernames. If you do not use assigned passwords, they will be automatically assigned when the students' accounts are created.

The two-week period allows time for the accounts to be created, and time for you to test the environment. You are expected to test the accounts and Oracle environment in the actual labs you will use for your class.

If your class will be accessing Oracle through Unix accounts, make sure that you and your students have Unix accounts on Quarry. To obtain an account on Quarry, see At IU, if I already have some computing accounts, how do I get others?

Other information

UITS will delete all student accounts two weeks after the last day of class. Individual account extension requests must be received before the end of the course. Approval will be subject to space considerations.

UITS backs up information from Oed1prd to disk and to tape daily with complete backups taken twice a week and incremental backups taken the rest of the week. Since all backups are hot backups, downtime is not necessary. In the event of a system failure, UITS can restore Oed1prd to the point of the last good backup, which is usually from that morning. UITS cannot promise up-to-the-minute recovery of accounts. Further, UITS does not offer recovery of data for individual accounts in cases where data loss is the result of user error. UITS encourages you to maintain copies of all scripts as a sensible measure.

UITS Enterprise Decision Support Services (EDSS) staff provide support for the Oracle database Oed1prd and are available 8am-5pm Monday-Friday. If you schedule labs or class assignment due dates during the evenings and weekends, UITS EDSS staff will not be available for immediate problem resolution.

If you're using Oed1prd in a class you're teaching, you can see a list of accounts associated with your class at the Check Class Oracle Accounts page.

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Last modified on January 10, 2014.

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