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At IU, what is Get Connected, and how do I use it?

Important: As of April 8, 2014, Microsoft no longer supports Windows XP with security updates. To ensure the highest security standards, the UITS Support Center no longer registers Windows XP devices to the IU network. UITS strongly recommends that you look into the options for replacing or upgrading your Windows XP computers for full compatibility with IU systems. See About end of life for Windows XP.

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All Indiana University students must run Get Connected on their personal computers to ensure their computers are correctly configured to securely access the IU campus network.

Running Get Connected on your personal computer:

  • Secures your computer: Get Connected configures your computer to meet IU's baseline standards for security and network connectivity. This helps protect your computer and IU's network resources from hackers, viruses, worms, and other vulnerabilities.

  • Enables full access to the IU network: You need to register your computer's MAC address before you can connect to the Internet via IU network. Students can use Get Connected to register computers running Windows (Vista or later) or Mac OS X (10.7 or later), enabling full access to the IU wired and wireless networks.

    Note: Use Get Connected to register computers running Windows 8.x, 7, or Vista, or Mac OS X 10.7 and later. Use the IU DHCP page (navigate to and follow the on-screen prompts) to register most Linux computers, smartphones, tablets, e-readers, and gaming consoles. Contact your campus Support Center to register a personal computer running an earlier version of Mac OS X or Windows, or an Internet-capable television device. Computers running outdated operating systems and other devices that do not meet IU's security standards cannot be registered. For more, see At IU, how do I register my computer or other networked device?

  • Installs helpful utilities: Get Connected installs the IU Printer Finder, IUanyWare, and shortcuts to important IU network resources.

To optimize network security, UITS purges network registrations in the halls of residence on a rolling basis each fall semester. Consequently, if you live in the halls of residence, you will need to run Get Connected at least once a year. Running Get Connected each fall semester not only re-registers your computer's MAC address, but also applies the latest security updates.

Note: In some cases, you may need to run Get Connected more than once a year, if, for example, your computer is compromised by a malicious user (i.e., hacker) or software (i.e., virus). You also may need to run Get Connected again if your computer's network registration is purged as the result of an unforeseen network security incident.

For more, see About Get Connected for Windows or About Get Connected for OS X.

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System requirements

To run Get Connected on a Windows computer:

  • Windows 8.x, 7, or Vista must be installed.

    Note: Computers running Vista must have the latest service packs installed, and be configured to check for and install automatic updates daily. The same is not required for Windows 8.x and 7 computers; Get Connected configures them to automatically download and install service packs and updates.

  • An administrator password must be set.

  • No malicious software can be present.

  • Active, updated antivirus software must be installed.

  • Active, updated antispyware software must be installed.

  • All Windows updates flagged as critical or higher by Microsoft must be installed.

  • Firewall software must be installed and active.

  • The computer's clock must be set correctly.

Mac OS X computers must have OS X 10.7 (Lion) or later installed to run Get Connected.

Note: Get Connected will not run on any computer that uses a Network Address Translation (NAT) device or any other IP-masquerading technology to hide its IP address from the IU network.

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Running Get Connected

Running Get Connected can take less than ten minutes, especially if your computer already meets IU's baseline standards for security and network connectivity. The process may take substantially longer, however, if your computer does not already meet these standards.

To run Get Connected:

  1. Log into your computer as an administrator (see About your device's administrator account).

    Note: You can launch Get Connected from a non-administrator user account, but the application will eventually prompt you to enter your computer's administrator account credentials.

  2. Download and install Get Connected for Windows or Get Connected for OS X.

  3. Follow the instructions on the appropriate site.

If you have a Windows computer, you can run Get Connected in off-campus mode before arriving on campus to significantly reduce the time required to complete the Get Connected process when you get to campus. Running the off-campus mode will configure your Windows computer to meet IU's baseline standards for security and network connectivity, and register your computer's MAC address. When you arrive on campus, your computer should have full access to the IU network.

Note: Get Connected for OS X does not have a separate off-campus mode; you can run Get Connected for OS X from on or off campus.

If your computer encounters an issue that prevents it from completing the Get Connected process, you'll need to configure it to meet IU's baseline security and connectivity standards, and manually register its MAC address on the IU network. For help, contact your campus Support Center.

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Removing Get Connected

After the Get Connected process is complete, you can uninstall the application:

  • In Windows, use Add/Remove programs or Programs and Features from the Control Panel to uninstall Get Connected.

    Note: During the uninstall process, the Get Connected Installer window will present "Uninstall Options" for removing some of the security enhancements Get Connected installed. To optimize the security of your computer the data stored on it, you should choose Do Not Change for these options.

  • In OS X, open the Downloads folder, and then drag the Get Connected icon to the Trash.

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