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At IU, how do I obtain Esri software?

Esri provides software, data, and services for the collection, analysis, and communication of geographic information. Indiana University's software and license agreement with Esri allows students to receive free student versions of software. Faculty, staff, and departments may also purchase desktop and/or server software at reduced prices from UITS staff.

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The primary goal of the Esri Higher Education License Program is to support student learning and research by making Esri technology affordable and accessible throughout the IU campuses. Students may request from UITS GIS a student edition version of ArcGIS for Desktop Advanced (formerly ArcInfo). (Faculty may also do so on behalf of students enrolled in GIS classes.) When making a request, students must provide official documentation proving one of the following:

  • Current enrollment in at least three units
  • Current membership in a graduate program
  • Current enrollment in a GIS Certificate program

Acceptable documentation includes:

  • A class schedule indicating the school's name, student's name, and current term, as well as number of credits, graduate status, or GIS certificate program
  • A letter from an advisor or department head

Note: Graduate students may request the free ArcGIS for Desktop Student Edition software while completing projects required for their degree. To do so, the student's advisor must contact UITS GIS and request the software. Grant-funded research projects are not eligible for this free edition.

Students may request Esri software from two weeks before the start of the current term to two weeks before the end of the current term. The software is for educational and research purposes only, and may not be provided to third parties. Also, students may not use it outside of the United States, for internships or work performed for non-profit entities, or for profit-making activities.

Student license options are as follows:

  • UITS-provided ArcGIS for Desktop Student Edition: Licenses expire one year after activation, and include ArcGIS for Desktop Advanced (formerly ArcInfo), four extensions (Spatial Analyst, 3D Analyst, Geostatistical Analyst, and Network Analyst), and ArcTutorial documentation and data. Students may download the software from IUware once UITS staff have approved their request.

  • Faculty-sponsored free ArcGIS for Desktop Student Edition: Faculty can request software for their students at Esri Software Promotion for GIS Students.

Students can also purchase Getting to Know ArcGIS for Desktop, a workbook for learning ArcGIS that includes a 180-day trial version of ArcGIS on CD (a one-time install), and a data CD for exercises. It is available from both the Esri Store and Amazon.

For information on free GIS software, see Accessing free GIS software.

Faculty, staff, and departments

IU faculty, staff, and departments can purchase Esri licenses from UITS staff. Esri software purchased from UITS may not be used for profit-making activities.

Faculty can install Esri software on IU-purchased or personally owned computers, and may not provide software access to a third party. Faculty may temporarily use the software to perform work outside of the US, provided the software remains in the faculty member's control, but must return the software to the US upon completion of the project. Software export is subject to US export control laws and regulations.

Staff can install Esri software products only on IU-purchased computers and devices.

UITS distributes Esri software based on a pricing scheme designed to make the software as affordable as possible while recovering the cost of the Esri Higher Education License and Maintenance Agreement. The annual license for all Esri software (August 1 through July 31) entitles customers to one year of the following:

  • Technical support from Esri; see At IU, who are the Esri technical support contacts?

  • Free updates (versions and patches) to licensed software

  • Access to many ArcGIS for Desktop extensions including 3D Analyst, ArcScan, Geostatistical Analyst, Network Analyst, Publisher, Schematics, Spatial Analyst, and Tracking Analyst

  • Access to Esri software on IUware; see At IU, what is available with an ArcGIS license?

  • Access to Esri Virtual Campus courses and a 40% educational discount for other Esri training courses (online or on site)

The following list of available products is valid only for IU-administered campuses, and is restricted to the terms of IU's Site License Agreement with Esri. The Esri software site license does not provide hard copies of Esri software or manuals. License payment requires an IU account number; credit cards and checks are not accepted. ArcGIS for Desktop license purchases are prorated for the license year.

To order GIS and remote sensing software, visit the GIS License System (requires CAS login).

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