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At IU, how do I change my Network ID passphrase?

Important: If you have not changed your passphrase in two years, IU requires that you do so. If you do not, your passphrase will expire and you will be unable to log into most IU services. See Why is my IU passphrase expiring?

Important: Use these directions if you know your Indiana University Network ID passphrase, and want to change it. If you have forgotten your passphrase, do not use the directions below; instead, see At IU, if I have forgotten my Network ID passphrase, how can I reset it?

To avoid problems, log out of any services you are using before changing your passphrase, and then log in again with your new passphrase; see What precautions should I take when changing my passphrase?

  1. Close all applications other than your Internet browser, and go to the Passphrase Maintenance page at:
  2. In the first field, enter your Network ID username; if you want to change the passphrase for a group or departmental account, enter the username of that account instead.

    In the next field, enter your current Network ID passphrase, or the passphrase for the group account.

  3. In the last two fields, enter the new passphrase. For information on selecting a valid and secure passphrase, see Passwords and passphrases.

  4. Click Change Passphrase.

Note: When you change your Network ID passphrase, it may take up to 20 minutes for all systems to recognize the new passphrase. UITS recommends waiting 20 minutes before logging into IU systems, such as IU Webmail, Account Management Service, and One.

Information regarding group accounts

Note: All group or departmental accounts must have an owner who is an active faculty or staff member (as reported by HRMS). If the owner leaves the university or through change of HR status becomes ineligible to own an account, the owned account(s) will be removed. To ensure the continuity of group accounts, see About transferring ownership of a group or departmental account.

Only the account owner is authorized to change the group account passphrase, even if there are other people who regularly log into and use the account. If you are not the account owner and want to change the passphrase on a group account, contact your campus Support Center. Note that you will need to provide official authorization from the account owner or department chair to proceed; the Support Center will provide guidance on the specific steps for your campus and organization.

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