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As an IU student, how do I assign third-party access that allows someone else, such as a parent or guardian, to view my personal information or pay my bursar bill?

As a student at Indiana University, you can authorize other individuals, such as parents or guardians (i.e., third parties), to access your personal information and pay your bursar bill in OneStart.

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About third-party access

Third-party access is a OneStart role that, as a student, you can assign to any person(s), such as a parent, guardian, or spouse, to whom you wish to grant access to your personal information available through the Student Self-Service section. You can assign third-party access to as many persons as you wish (e.g., both of your parents), and can give each third-party user different levels of access.

Students assign third-party access by creating third-party access accounts, including usernames and passwords, in OneStart. Once a student has set up a third-party access account for someone, and shared the username and password with that person, the third party can log into OneStart to view only the information to which the student has assigned access.

Students can assign third-party access for all or any combination of the following student information:

  • Registration holds
  • Grades
  • Unofficial transcripts
  • Class schedules
  • 1098-T tax forms
  • Financial aid awards
  • Bursar balances and bills
  • Addresses
  • Phone numbers
  • To-do lists

Note: If the student assigns third-party access to Bursar Balances and Bills, that third-party account will be able to view and pay (all or part of) the student's bursar bill via IU Bursar Pay in OneStart; see At IU, how do I view and pay a bursar bill?

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Assigning third-party access

Note: Although original OneStart will be available until spring 2015, you can now use the new One, with simple search and app store features. See About using One, the "OneStart restart".

To assign third-party access:

  1. Log into OneStart. Select the Services tab, and then, on the left, choose Student Self-Service.

    Note: If your Internet pop-up blocker is set to block all pop-ups, you'll need to turn it off or change the setting to allow them; refer to your browser help for instructions. For further assistance, contact your local Support Center.

  2. Under "Services & Information", click Assign 3rd Party Access.

  3. On the next screen, read the Terms of Use statement (the terms to which you must agree the first time you log in to assign third-party access), and then click I Accept.

    Note: Once you have created at least one third-party account, the agreement will no longer appear.

  4. On the next screen that appears, click Add New.

  5. Under "Setup Third Party User", complete the required fields, denoted by an asterisk ( * ); refer to the following screenshot:

    OneStart screenshot for adding, editing, or deleting a third-party access user account
    Third-party access setup in OneStart

    Note: The "3rd Party Username" may be whatever you wish and is case sensitive. The "3rd Party Password" also is case sensitive, must contain a minimum of eight characters and include at least one number, and may contain a space.

  6. Use the checkboxes to choose which information you want your third party to access:

    • Holds on My Record
    • Financial Aid Award
    • Financial Aid Summary
    • Grades
    • Unofficial Transcript
    • Addresses
    • Phone Numbers
    • To Do List
    • Class Schedule
    • View and Download 1098-T
    • Bursar Balances and Bills

    Note: By selecting Bursar Balances and Bills, you allow that third-party to view and pay all or part of your bursar bill via IU Bursar Pay in OneStart; see At IU, how do I view and pay a bursar bill? To select Bursar Balances and Bills, you must provide and confirm an email address for your third party. Selecting this option also permits staff from the Office of the Bursar to answer questions your third party may have about your bursar account.

    To grant access all the items, click Check All.

  7. When you are finished, click Save User. Alternatively:

    • To cancel and exit to the previous screen, click Cancel Changes.
    • To delete the account you have created and exit to the previous screen, click Delete User.

  8. After creating and saving a third-party access account, provide the username and password to your third-party user. Also, consider sharing this video tutorial that explains how a third-party user can access your information in OneStart.

Note: If your third-party user forgets the third-party access password you created, you can reset it by updating that person's third-party access account. In the same manner, you also can edit the list of items that person is allowed to access. For instructions, see the next section.

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Updating a third-party access account

You can edit an existing third-party access account to change which information that person is allowed to access. You also can change the first name, last name, username, and password associated with an existing third-party access account. To do so:

  1. Complete steps 1 and 2 under Assigning third-party access above.

  2. On the 3rd Party Assignment screen, next to the User ID of the account you wish to update, click Edit.

  3. On the next screen, you can:

    • Change the username.
    • Change the password.
    • Change the first and/or last name.
    • Use the checkboxes to grant or remove access to your information.

    Note: The username is case sensitive. The password must contain a minimum of eight characters and include at least one number, and may contain a space.

  4. When you are finished editing the account, click Save User. If you changed the username or password, communicate the change to your third-party user.

    Note: After logging in with the password you provide, your third-party user will be prompted to change the password.

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Deleting a third-party access account

To delete a third-party access account:

  1. Complete steps 1 and 2 under Assigning third-party access above.

  2. On the 3rd Party Assignment screen, next to the name of the third-party access account you wish to delete, click Edit.

  3. On the next screen, click Delete User.

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Viewing the change log

All changes you make to your third-party access accounts are saved to a log viewable by you and IU administrative staff. To view the change log for your third-party access accounts:

  1. Complete steps 1 and 2 under Assigning third-party access above.

  2. On the 3rd Party Assignment screen, click Change Log.

  3. To return to the previous screen, click Return.

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Terms of Use statement

In compliance with the Federal Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 and the University Policy on Access to and Release of Student Education Records, the University is prohibited from providing certain information from your student records to a third party, such as information on grades, billing, tuition and fees assessments, financial aid (including scholarships, grants, work-study, or loan amounts) and other student record information. This restriction applies, but is not limited to your parents, your spouse, a sponsor, etc.

You may, at your discretion, grant the University permission to release information from your student records to a third party for their information, by granting them permission to portions of your record via Student Self-Service in OneStart. By choosing to continue and create an access record through this process, you are completing a Student Information Release Authorization.

  • You must set up a separate record for each third party to whom you grant access to information on your student records.
  • The University does not automatically send information to a third party.
  • This information will only be made available through the third party Access link in OneStart.
  • This authorization does not authorize the third party viewer to receive information from the University by any other methods, such as phone, email, or in-person visit.

Please note that your authorization to release information will expire when your access to self service expires. At that time your third party guest's access will also expire. However, you may revoke your authorization at any time by removing permission from a third party viewer through OneStart. Access can be revoked by deleting the record assigning access to your third party guest.

By clicking the I Accept button below, you are indicating that:

  • You understand that any and all personally identifiable information is protected under FERPA.
  • You further understand that you may waive that protection and give access to your records to individuals of your choice.
  • You agree to waive your rights under FERPA and allow the individual(s) you name to access designated financial and academic records as they are available through the self service Third Party Access application.
  • You understand that you are responsible for changing, amending or rescinding this authorization at any time.
  • You understand that this access will be revoked when your access to self service expires.
  • You are responsible for making clear to the third parties to whom you grant access that this does not allow for University officials to release any information. This access is strictly limited to the self service application.

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