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IU account types and abilities

Note: UITS no longer allows the creation of Imail or Cyrus (Webmail) accounts, in anticipation of the retirement of those services. See About the Imail retirement and About the Cyrus (Webmail) retirement.

  Network ID Group account Affiliate account Network Access Conference IU Guest
General purpose IU account for faculty, staff, students, affiliates, and others. This account allows provisioning of other accounts listed below and to the side. Sponsored account by faculty and staff to be used for departmental or shared use Contractors and vendors, sponsored by faculty and staff, for longer-term use Temporary account for visitors to IU. Wireless access only. Temporary account for STC computer and printer use at IU, sponsored by faculty or staff. Fees may apply; IU account number required. Temporary account in the CAS database only. Will only be used for Oncourse and OneStart access.
Default accounts ADS (IU Network ID) ADS ADS ADS (Note: Not in Domain Users) ADS CAS Guest Account
Has an IU email account? Imail, Umail, Exchange, or Cyrus Cyrus or Exchange Cyrus or Exchange No No No
Additional accounts What computing accounts are available at IU, and for whom? What computing accounts are available at IU, and for whom? What computing accounts are available at IU, and for whom? No No No
Bulk generation? No No No Yes (note below) Yes No
Wireless and Internet access Wireless/wired and Internet access with registered MAC address. IU-Secure wireless. Wired Internet access with registered MAC address. No wireless access. Wireless/wired and Internet access with registered MAC address. IU-Secure wireless. Wireless access only via IU Guest wireless. No MAC registration required.* No registration required for wireless access via IU Guest or AT&T wireless. Campus housing access to wired network requires manual registration by contacting the Support Center. No wireless or wired Internet access.
Lync Yes Yes Yes No No No
SSL VPN access*** Yes No Yes No No No
Box Yes No Yes No No No
SharePoint My Site Only graduate students, faculty, and staff No No No No No
Accounts Management System (AMS) access? Yes Yes, via owner Network ID Yes No No Yes, via IU Guest link
IUware access? Only for students currently enrolled, faculty, and staff. No No No No No
Time limit Must be active in SIS, HRMS, or Affiliate data feeds. None Sponsor specifies expiration date. Default of four days; can be extended up to three weeks** Established upon request None
Provisioning site AMS User AMS User AMS User IU Network Access AMS User AMS IU Guest
Main Knowledge Base document What is an IU Network ID?
What computing accounts are available at IU, and for whom?
About requesting accounts for groups or departments About sponsoring a computing account for an IU affiliate About Network Access accounts (guest wireless access) at IUB, IUPUI, IUE, IUK, IUN, IUS, and IUPUC About sponsoring accounts for conference participants About IU Guest accounts
Recommendations All IU faculty, staff, students, affiliates, and others will and must have one of these accounts. Shared group accounts should be used only for a shared email mailbox. To manage servers and resources, group accounts should be made for each individual who needs access. This allows admins to not use their own Network ID but still allows for accountability. Must be sponsored by IU faculty or staff. Long-term contractor or vendor use that cannot be fulfilled with Network Access account. Visiting teachers, vendors, and other professionals will need these to log into wireless for presentations and projects. Must be sponsored by IU faculty or staff. Multiple Network Access accounts may be requested at one time via the request web page. Conference attendees working with Student Technology Computing will need these accounts to use the STC workstations and managed printers. A faculty or staff member will sponsor these and provide an IU account number for the applicable fees.

Note: Sponsors must keep records of all Conference account users. In the case of a security or policy violation, the sponsor must be able to supply identity and contact information for the user of the offending account at the time of the incident, and must assist in problem resolution.

Users needing access to Oncourse and OneStart sites will need this type of account. Any other visitors should use Network Access or Conference accounts.

* Kiosk workstation access is available in the Indiana Memorial Union.

** Longer times can be arranged if needed. The user should work with the Support Center or local support provider (LSP) for more information.

*** The SSL VPN is for off-campus use only; on-campus wireless or wired users do not need to use it.

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