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What should I do immediately after installing Windows?

After your Windows installation is complete, immediately do the following to increase security and enable smooth performance:

  • Create user accounts: Each person who will be using the computer should have an individual account, along with a password for each account. Create only one administrator account.

  • Install/update antivirus software: At IU, follow the instructions in In Windows, how do I safely upgrade to the latest security software?

  • Windows 7 users: Activate Windows 7 by clicking Start. Then, in the search bar, type  Activate Windows . Click the icon by that name. For more, see Activate Windows on this computer.

    Note: If you're using Boot Camp, use the Windows 7 Activation Assistant instead of following the instructions above; see At IU, what is the Windows 7 Activation Assistant, and how do I use it?

  • Install Windows updates: This function is on by default, and will begin downloading updates as soon as you are connected to the Internet. Follow any prompts for installation. The process will require that you shut down your computer in order for the updates to properly install. You can always see when your computer is ready to install such an update, since the Shut Down icon will have a yellow update shield on it. For more, see Use your Start menu to check for updates.

  • Install needed drivers: Driver software allows your computer to communicate with its physical devices.

    For help, see Microsoft Support.

    Note: Boot Camp users can install drivers for their Windows 7 or Windows 8 partition by following the instructions in Installing Windows 7 on a Mac (.docx) rather than downloading from the manufacturer.

  • Download IUware software: Many applications are free for IU students, faculty, and staff via IUware.

    Browse through the IUware site to find additional software.

  • Install core Windows applications:

    You may choose to download and install a web browser other than Internet Explorer, such as Chrome or Firefox.

    There are many additional free programs and updates you should install:

    You have two options for installing such programs:

    • Ninite allows easy installation of many applications in succession. Check the box next to the applications you wish to install, and then click Get Installer at the bottom. Continue to follow the prompts.

      Note: Do not choose software you can get from IUware (e.g., the Office or Adobe programs); Ninite is a non-IU, third-party application which IU does not support.

    • You can choose to do manual installations of desired software.

      Note: Do not choose to install additional software along with your chosen software, e.g., deselect options such as "Yes, install McAfee Security Scan Plus", or toolbars a site may offer.

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