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What kinds of tasks can I accomplish with my enterprise Box account?

An enterprise Box account allows you to store, share, and collaborate on files. While not an exhaustive list, the following examples illustrate how you might use Box:

Distribute files to students and student groups

To distribute files to students, you can add them as collaborators to a folder or give them a link to access the folder and download files. For example, to share files that you want students to view but not download or share, add the students as Previewer collaborators or send them a preview-only link. If you want students to just be able to download a file, you can send them a download-only link. There are multiple permission levels to meet a variety of specific needs.

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Coordinate an event

Use Box's file sharing and collaboration features, such as commenting, collaborator permissions, and version control to coordinate an event. You can distribute event materials by embedding a folder with open access on the event's web site. Attendees can download the materials from the embedded folder, while staff continue to collaborate in Box to keep the materials up-to-date.

Gather feedback on a project proposal

Send a collaboration invite link to colleagues that allows them to invite themselves into a folder if they wish to give feedback. Set the folder properties to hide all collaborators within the folder so that the source of the feedback is visible only to the folder owner. Collaborators can then comment on files and share their thoughts more openly.

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Collaborate on a project with a group

Bring the group together by creating a collaboration folder to store the project files centrally with access via multiple devices, platforms, and applications. Use Box's commenting feature to discuss files. Comments can be directed to specific group members by typing @group member's name. Group members will always have access to the most up-to-date files in Box, and older versions can be retrieved with version control. Group members can also be assigned tasks on files to help simplify the workflow of the group.

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Share files with individuals outside of IU

You can share a Box file with people outside the IU community by sending them a link to the file. When generating the link through Box, you can set the viewers' downloading and previewing privileges. The access level of the link should be set to "open", so that Box users who do not have a Box@IU account can still preview and/or download the file. You can set a password for the link if it must remain secured.

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Collaborate with users outside of campus

With the proper collaborator permissions, you can invite users anywhere in the world as collaborators on a file; you can also send them links to the file or folder. They can be Box users at other institutions or create their own free accounts at

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Send someone a file that is too large to email

Send a Box link to the file with downloading permissions enabled. Files up to 10 GB can be stored in Box. As a best practice, when uploading to Box a file, set of files, or folders that exceed 1 GB, use the "Upload Folder" feature to streamline the upload.

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Save class notes taken on a tablet

Use Box in conjunction with note-taking apps, such as Notability, and save notes directly to Box. Notes can then be accessed and reviewed later from any device with Box access.

Print to IU printers while on the go

Open a file from Box in IUanyWare (see How do I set up and run IUanyWare applications on my mobile device?), and print it from a mobile device. Make sure to select the appropriate printer for your campus (IUB, IUPUI, or Regional) before sending the document to print. After the document has been sent to print, you have four hours to release it from a print station before it will no longer be in the print queue.

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Save photos or videos taken from your mobile device

The Box mobile application allows you to shoot and upload photos and videos directly to a designated folder. Once you've uploaded a file, use the app to share it with collaborators and add comments for discussion.

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