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Extending battery life

To learn more about the batteries Apple uses in laptops, iPods, iPhones, and iPads, including tips and suggestions for improving battery life, visit the appropriate page for your device:

Problems with charging

If your device's battery is not charging, try the following:

  • Notebook computer:
    • Reset your computer's power manager. For information on how to do this with your specific model, search Apple Support.
    • Make sure your AC adapter is properly inserted into your laptop.
    • Connect your computer to its AC adapter, shut it down, and then let it charge overnight. If it does not charge, it's likely you have a hardware fault in your computer, battery, or adapter, and you should have it repaired.
    • Test your AC outlet. See if your battery will charge if you plug it into a different outlet, or see if another electrical device will work in your original outlet.
    • Test your AC adapter. Try connecting a different AC adapter to your computer and see if it recharges.
    • If it's removable, test your battery. Try using a different battery with your computer and see if it will recharge.
    • In some of the early PowerBooks, the battery will not charge unless the computer is turned on. If you have an old PowerBook and your battery isn't charging while it's turned off, power it on, put it to sleep, and then see if it recharges.

    If you go through all these steps and your battery still won't charge, or you can't narrow down the source of the problem, you will probably need to have your computer repaired. However, it may be worth your time to consult Apple Support first. It contains entries on problems with specific computer models and versions of the operating system, including battery recharge issues.

  • iPod: See Apple Support's iPod's battery doesn't charge.
  • iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad: See one of the following pages from Apple Support:

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