Resources for 3D printing

The following lists resources to help you get started with 3D printing at IU. For further details, see UITS 3D Print Labs.

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Obtain 3D models

Thingiverse is a community-based Makerbot website where you can download free models that are ready for printing, and find instructions and print settings for most models.

My Mini Factory is also a community based website where you can download all sorts of different models, primarily props from games, movies, and other sources of entertainment.

Shapeways is a professional 3D print service that also has a vast 3D model repository. The models aren’t free, but they’re guaranteed to be high quality.

Create 3D models





For more software, check the list at Software & Tools. Some titles may be installed in campus labs.




The following resources assume that you are already fluent in the program of choice; they are not tutorials for the actual software.

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