Resources for 3D printing

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This page lists resources to help you get started with 3D printing at IU. For further details, see UITS 3D Print Labs.

Obtain 3D models

Thingiverse is a community-based Makerbot website where you can download free models that are ready for printing, and find instructions and print settings for most models.

My Mini Factory is also a community based website where you can download all sorts of different models, primarily props from games, movies, and other sources of entertainment.

Shapeways is a professional 3D print service that also has a vast 3D model repository. The models aren't free, but they're guaranteed to be high quality.

Create 3D models



  • Photoshop, available from IUware






The following resources assume that you are already fluent in the program of choice; they are not tutorials for the actual software.

Lab locations and access

Campus Lab name Location Contact Audience
IU Bloomington
Eskenazi School Fabrication Labs
Fine Arts Building 141

Eskenazi School Fabrication Labs

Eskenazi School of Art, Architecture + Design. Also available to all students, faculty, and staff
Protolab: Design Research Cafe Myles Brand Hall E120

Luddy Makerspaces

All Luddy School students, faculty, and staff (as well as some additional IU groups and community partners)
Wells Library West Tower, 4th floor
All students, faculty, and staff
ISE Fab Lab Luddy Hall IF4150

Luddy Makerspaces

Department of Intelligent Systems Engineering students and faculty
Innovation Center
Teter Quadrangle, Luddy Living-Learning Community

Luddy Makerspaces

Luddy LLC students
Wells Library Makerspace
Wells Library West Tower, 1st floor, W106

Wells Library Makerspace

All students, faculty, and staff
MAD LAB I Fine Arts 141

IU Bloomington MAD LAB I

Entire Bloomington campus (laser engraving, 3D printing, vinyl cutting)
MAD LAB II Wood and Metal Shops

IU Bloomington MAD LAB II

Entire Bloomington campus (CNC routing, CNC plasma cutting)
MAD LAB III Kirkwood 014

IU Bloomington MAD LAB III

Entire Bloomington campus (laser engraving)
Multidisciplinary Engineering and Sciences Hall

Luddy Makerspaces

Department of Intelligent Systems Engineering faculty and graduate students
IU Indianapolis Idea Garden Hine Hall IP106 All students
Think It Make It Lab Eskenazi Hall 183 and 111A

Think It Make It Lab

All students
University Library 4135G All students
Informatics and Communications Complex 255 SOIC students
Engineering Technology Building 101
Engineering and Technology students
Nexus/Makerspace Medical Library 202

RLML Makerspace

Medical students
IU Columbus Columbus Center 233 All students
IU East Hayes Hall 127
All students, faculty, and staff
IU South Bend
Education and Arts Building 2010

Wide Format and 3D Printing

All students, faculty, and staff (also open to the public)
IU Southeast Life Science Building 104
All students, faculty, and staff (by appointment only)

Many of these spaces have other equipment and hardware aside from 3D printing. Reach out to the individual lab for equipment specifics, including what types of printers and materials are available.

If you don't see your lab listed here, or if there is information that needs to be changed, email Andy Webb at

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