Use ezreset to reset your accounts to their default settings

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On the Indiana University web servers Webserve and Mercury, the ezreset command launches a script that backs up copies of your configuration files and replaces them with the versions that are included with new accounts. These configuration files control the appearance, behavior, and general environment of your account. If problems arise with these files, you can use ezreset to replace them with working copies.

Use ezreset on Webserve

On Webserve, some login files will prevent you from running Unix commands. If you receive a "Command not found" error after entering a common command like ls or cd, use ezreset to restore the default settings.

Some Webserve users may also see an error when logging in:

 stty: invalid argument 'new' Try 'stty --help' for more information

The ezreset command will also correct this error.

To run ezreset on Webserve:

  1. Log into your Webserve account using SSH. For detailed instructions, see Publish to Webserve.
  2. At the Unix prompt, enter:

Once you run this utility, you will be able to use SSH on Webserve without receiving the error messages listed above.

Use ezreset on Mercury

To run ezreset on Mercury:

  1. At the Unix prompt, enter:
  2. You will see the following message:
     Ezreset will reset your .login, .profile and other config files back to the original newuser configuration. Your files will be saved as .filename.mmddyy. Continue (y/n)?
  3. To replace these files with the default versions, press y.
  4. You will see:
     Your account has been reset.

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