ARCHIVED: In Microsoft Windows 3.x, how do I automatically open applications upon startup, with predefined window positions?

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In Microsoft Windows 3.x, you can automatically open applications upon startup with predefined window positions by doing one of the following:

  • Add the applications to the Startup group in Windows 3.1 Program Manager. To run the applications as icons, in the File / Properties dialog box for the program, check the box next to Run iconized.
  • Specify the applications on the "load=" or "run=" line in the win.ini file. This will load the specified applications, respectively, either with their default window sizes, or as icons.

If you need specific window sizes or positions, you will need to use another utility, such as a shareware package (e.g., TopDesk, Layout, Command Post, or Aporia) or a commercial one (e.g., Batchworks, Bridge, or NewWave). TopDesk is included in the Windows 3.x Resource Kit.

Note: This information originally came from the Microsoft Windows 3.x FAQ maintained by Tom Haapanen and Software Metrics, Inc. This FAQ is no longer available. If you have problems with Windows 3.1, visit the Windows 3.1 FAQ sponsored by Logical Sky Corporation.

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