About the Burrow at IU

At Indiana University Bloomington, the Burrow is a set of 28 Linux workstations located in LH 004 and LH 035 (the basement of Lindley Hall), managed by the School of Informatics and Computing (SoIC). This cluster is for students majoring in computer science and informatics, as well as non-majors taking computer science and informatics classes. Access to these rooms is via CampusAccess Card.

Current campus cards, including CampusAccess, Jagtag, UCard, and others, are being replaced by CrimsonCard, the new official photo ID card for all IU campuses. For details, see About CrimsonCard.

If you are taking a computer science or informatics class that requires using the Burrow systems, you will automatically be given a Burrow account in most cases. Requests for accounts are initiated by the course instructor based on class rosters. If you were not given an account, contact your course instructor or AI.

For more about the Burrow and other Linux systems maintained by the SoIC, see What Linux systems are available?

If you have a Burrow account and need card access to these labs, take your CampusAccess Card to LH 215. If you have other questions or problems related to the Burrow or any other SoIC facilities, see How do I ask for help with a technology or facilities issue?

For general SoIC information, see School of Informatics, Computing and Engineering Knowledge Base.

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