ARCHIVED: In Windows, what should I do if a window opens partially or completely off the screen?

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When you launch an application such as Microsoft Word, the window will sometimes open partially off the screen, obscuring text or the scrollbars. This usually happens after you change screen resolution, or if you closed the application with the window in that position.

In some cases, the window will open up completely off the screen; the only evidence that the application has launched will be its entry on the Taskbar. This can happen if an item is created or saved on a dual or multi-monitor system and then opened or reopened on a single monitor.

To fix the problem, reposition the window towards the middle of the screen by clicking and dragging the window's title bar. If the title bar is off the top edge of the screen, or if you cannot click any part of the window at all, press Alt-Spacebar-m. The cursor will change to crossed arrows and you can use the arrow keys to move the window around.

If you want to maximize the window to make it occupy the entire screen, press Alt-Spacebar-x. You can also click the middle button in the top right corner of the window.

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