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Publish your media

To adjust the visibility of your media, choose a publishing option:

  1. Navigate to the media you wish to publish.
  2. Click the Actions button just below the media player.
  3. Click Publish and then select a publishing option:
    • Private (media visible only to the content owner)
    • Unlisted (media visible to anyone with a link)
    • Published (media visible in whichever categories or channels you select)
  4. Click Save at the bottom.

Grant individual access to your media

To restrict media access to one or more specific individuals:

  1. Create a channel:
    1. From the Kaltura MediaSpace home page, click Channels near the top.
    2. Click Create Channel. Enter a name for the channel and edit other information as desired.
    3. In the Privacy section, select Private.
    4. Click Save.
  2. Edit membership of your channel:
    1. From the Kaltura MediaSpace home page, click your name at the top right.
    2. Click My Channels. Find the tile that represents the channel you wish to edit, and click Edit in that tile.
    3. Under the Members tab, click Add Member.
    4. Enter the new member's name or username, and then click Add. Repeat for each member you wish to add.
  3. To add media to your channel, see Publishing your media.

Add a co-editor or co-publisher

To allow collaborators to edit or publish media you own:

  1. Navigate to the media you want to share.
  2. Below the media player, click Actions, and then select Edit.
  3. On the Collaboration tab, click Add Collaborator.
  4. Enter the name or username of your collaborator, and then select one or both of the following roles:
    • Co-Editor: Co-editors can edit the media's name and details, trim media, replace media, and edit captions, chapters, and slides. Co-editors cannot delete media or add new collaborators.
    • Co-Publisher: Co-publishers can publish the media to categories and/or channels.
  5. Click Add.

The new collaborator should now be listed in the table on the Collaboration tab.

Transfer your media to someone else

To change ownership of your media:

  1. Navigate to the media for which you wish to change ownership.
  2. Click the Actions button just below the media player, and select Edit.
  3. Under the Collaboration tab, select Change media owner.
  4. Enter the name or username of the new owner, and then click Save.

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