ARCHIVED: In Microsoft Outlook or OWA, how can I change the order in which my messages are listed in the folder?

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In Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Web App (OWA), you can sort your messages in ascending or descending order based on one of several criteria, including date, name of sender, size, and subject.

To do so, while in the folder, click one of the column headers (e.g., From, Subject). To reverse the order, click the column header again. The header of the sorted column will have a triangle. The triangle will be pointing up for ascending (e.g., A-Z or 1-9) order, and down for descending (e.g., Z-A or 9-1) order.

If your messages are not sorted by arrival time and date, you may have inadvertently clicked one of the other column headers. To re-sort your messages according to when they arrived, click the Received column header.

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