ARCHIVED: Plot a graph in Unix

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Many Unix systems have Gnuplot installed. With Gnuplot, you can:

  • Plot two-dimensional functions and data points in many different styles, including points, lines, and error bars.
  • Plot three-dimensional data points and surfaces in many different styles, including contour plot and mesh.

Gnuplot features include:

  • Support for complex arithmetic and user-defined functions
  • Support for a large number of operating systems, graphics file formats, and devices
  • Labels for title, axes, and data points
  • Command-line editing and history on most platforms

To start Gnuplot, at the Unix prompt, enter:


At the Gnuplot prompt (gnuplot>) enter the following commands to display a graph of the sin function in a standard terminal window:

gnuplot> set term dumb
gnuplot> plot [-6:6] sin (x)

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