ARCHIVED: What is a DVI file?

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DVI (DeVice Independent) files are the printable output of TeX, LaTeX, and similar text formatting programs. They are binary files, compiled by the TeX program from the ASCII source files on which most of the actual editing is done. DVI files are highly portable and as long as DVI output drivers are available, can be sent to most printers.

In many cases, however, it is better to convert the DVI file to PostScript for transportation and printing. PostScript provides support for even more viewers and printers than the DVI format. The Unix command to convert DVI to PostScript is:

  dvips -o filename.dvi

Note: DVI (short for Digital Video Interactive) is also the name of a hardware-only compression/decompression algorithm for the storage and display of TV-style video. It forms the basis for Intel's Indeo software-only codec.

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