ARCHIVED: How do I enter the Setup program in my BIOS?

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Warning: Your BIOS Setup program is very powerful. An incorrect setting could cause your computer not to boot properly. You should make sure you understand what a setting does before you change it.

You can usually run Setup by pressing a special function key or key combination soon after turning on the computer, during its power-on self test (POST) before the operating system loads (or before the operating system's splash screen shows). During POST, the BIOS usually displays a prompt such as:

  Press F2 to enter Setup

Many newer computers display a brief screen, usually black-and-white, with the computer manufacturer's logo during POST.

Entering the designated keystroke will take you into the BIOS Setup. Common keystrokes to enter the BIOS Setup are F1, F2, F10, and Del.

On some computers, such as some Gateway or Compaq computers, graphics appear during the POST, and the BIOS information is hidden. You must press Esc to make these graphics disappear. Your monitor will then display the correct keystroke to enter.

Note: If you press the key too early or too often, the BIOS may display an error message. To avoid this, wait about five seconds after turning the power on, and then press the key once or twice.

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