ARCHIVED: What awards has the Knowledge Base won?

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The Knowledge Base has won the following awards and endorsements:

Major awards

  • Institutional Excellence in Telecommunications, ACUTA

    This is the most prestigious award given by ACUTA, The Association for Telecommunications Professionals in Higher Education. According to ACUTA, "Winners are selected by the ACUTA Awards Committee on the basis of the telecommunications department's contribution to and support of the mission of their institution. Applications are evaluated on the basis of: scope and complexity of the endeavor, technological leadership, benefit to the institution and key constituents, and demonstration of excellence and professionalism". This award was given in July 2000.

  • Best Practices in Higher Education Information Resources (Honorable Mention), EDUCAUSE

    EDUCAUSE gives this award to "recognize individuals and teams in higher education for programs that have solved campus information-resource related challenges in innovative and exemplary style". The mission of EDUCAUSE is "to help shape and enable transformational change in higher education through the introduction, use, and management of information resources and technologies in teaching, learning, scholarship, research, and institutional management". This award was presented in October 1999.

  • Best of Show and Distinguished Technical Communication, Society for Technical Communication

    The Society for Technical Communication competitions "recognize and encourage excellence in online communication, technical art, and technical publications". STC offers two levels of competition, wherein an entry must first win an award of Distinguished Technical Communication in a local or regional competition, and then meet STC's international entry guidelines, before being considered eligible for international competition. The Knowledge Base was given STC's highest award in the International Online competition in March 1999.


  • Scientific American SciTech Web Award

    "The Sci/Tech Web Awards highlight science and technology sites that are informative, interesting and fun," according to the managing director of The Knowledge Base was one of five computing sites to win this award in May 2001.

  • Cool Site, What's Next Online

    What's Next Online named the Knowledge Base as a Cool Site for answers to questions about computing in September 2000.

  • Hot Site, USA Today

    USA Today stated, "Tired of waiting on the phone for tech support? Give (the) Knowledge Base a try". This distinction occurred in June 1999.

  • Best technical support online, PC World magazine

    PC World magazine named the Knowledge Base among the best technical support sites online in May 1999.

  • Point & Click Tech Support, tested support sites by asking for solutions to common problems, and judged the sites by how well they answered the questions, considering timeliness of response, amount of information offered, and the site's organization and ease of use. The Knowledge Base was named a top web-based tech support site in March 1999.

  • Cool Site, Netscape Open Directory Project

    Netscape Open Directory editors awarded the Cool Site distinction "on a limited basis to recognize high-value sites that are rich in content and well-organized". According to Netscape's Netcenter, the Open Directory was the "third-largest and fastest-growing Internet directory in the world" at the time this award was given in February 1999.

  • Computer Tips & Trends, ThirdAge

    ThirdAge listed the Knowledge Base as a helpful computing resource in February 1999.

  • Best Technical Support Page, Yahoo Internet Life Magazine

    Yahoo Internet Life described the Knowledge Base as follows: "...a huge collection of technical questions and answers that will allay the fears of novices and numskulls alike...The site handles specific and general issues. And if you run into a dead end, submit your question to a consultant via email; the answer will be filed in the archives so that it can benefit future visitors". This review occurred in September 1997.

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