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Request a new virtual database

Denodo is a data virtualization and data integration platform in use at Indiana University. Denodo can connect to many different kinds of data sources and then combine, aggregate, or join and filter these data sources and present the results in multiple formats.

Denodo is a highly available enterprise service that is only interrupted for maintenance on the third Sunday of each month, 5-6am. If Denodo requires a longer maintenance window, it will be advertised in advance.

All your department's Denodo activity takes place in a virtual database (VDB). To request a new VDB for your department, fill out the EDSD Support Form ; for "Application", select Denodo, and for "Question Type", select New VDB.


Because Denodo can combine data from a variety of sources, all Denodo developers are required to complete:

Access a virtual database

For you to obtain developer access to an existing VDB, someone who already has developer access to that VDB must fill out the EDSD Support Form and authorize your access. To request access to consume Denodo data, contact the appropriate Data Manager who oversees that particular area's data. If you need assistance with either type of access, fill out the EDSD Support Form ; for "Application", select Denodo, and for "Question Type", select Request access.

Develop in Denodo

Before you begin developing in Denodo, read Denodo - Best Practices.

Beginning with Denodo 8, you have two options for developing in Denodo:

Development occurs in the IU Denodo Dev environments at the following URI:

  • DEV: //<your_VDB_name>

After migration, you can access Denodo views in Stage and Production at the following URIs:

  • STG: //<your_VDB_name>
  • PRD: //<your_VDB_name>

For details about migration, see Migrate resources in Denodo at IU.

Create Denodo data sources

For help creating data sources in Denodo, see the following:

Access Denodo views

Once you create resources in Denodo, you can share views with others. To request access for others, see Use Data Delivery Apply Security to assign security to Denodo views.

You can access Denodo views from many different platforms, including:

Use of enterprise data

Data manager approval is required whenever you make use of any data that has been sourced from enterprise data. Audits are in place for data sources in the development environment. Data sources will not be moved from the DEV environment to the STG environment until there is proof of data manager approval.

If you are exposing Critical or Restricted data programmatically, make certain that the appropriate Data Manager is aware of this use case and that access to your program requires strong credentials.

For more, see Data Manager approval for Denodo and Tableau.

Learn more

To learn more about Denodo, consult the following resources:

Get help

Enterprise Decision Support Services manages access to Denodo resources and can assist with data connection and design or help to improve the performance of your views. To contact EDSS, use the EDSD Support Form .

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