How to sponsor a computing account for an IU affiliate


Affiliate accounts are not intended for those who will later become IU students, faculty, or staff. These individuals must wait to create their accounts until they are admitted or their records are entered into the relevant IU system (e.g., the human resources office).

Individuals who are not students, faculty, or staff, but who are affiliated with IU (e.g., contracted employees or consultants) may be eligible for an account as an IU affiliate. These accounts must be sponsored by a full-time IU faculty or staff member. For details about account eligibility, see Eligibility to Use Information Technology Resources (IT-03).

Information you will need about the affiliate

  • Full name (first, middle, and last)
  • Date of birth
  • Department with which the person is affiliated
  • The specific IU campus where the affiliate needs accounts
  • Gender
  • Phone number
  • Appointment start and end dates
  • A description of how the person is affiliated with IU

Instructions for requesting sponsorship

  1. Go to Affiliate Accounts in One.IU, and click Start.
  2. Click manage affiliates, and then click request to add IU affiliate.
  3. Enter the requested information about you and about the affiliate.
  4. Click Request Affiliate.

Within two business days, the sponsor will receive a response with further instructions.

Sponsors of Indiana University accounts are responsible for ensuring that those accounts are not abused. Sponsoring access to IT resources gives the sponsored user the ability to represent IU through this affiliation, and sponsors should consider the consequences of that user causing harm by using IU IT resources. An official agreement of some type should therefore be in place between the sponsor and the person being sponsored. Prior to requesting the account, sponsors should consult with their department or school administration on how best to document the user's affiliation with and responsibilities to both IU and the sponsor's department. For more, see What are my responsibilities as a computer user at IU?

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