About shortcuts in the IUIE

In the IUIE, a Save Settings button appears at the bottom of each report form. You can use this button to save either an empty report form or the parameters you have specified on a particular report form. The shortcut is initially stored under My Catalog in your New Shortcuts folder, but you can move it to any folder within My Catalog.

If a publisher makes any changes to an existing report in the Master Catalog, you may have to delete your shortcut and create a new one based on the latest version of the report.

To save a report object as a shortcut in the New Shortcuts folder of My Catalog, click Save Settings. For frozen files, a simple shortcut is created. For all other report objects, you can save the blank report form, or save the report with any parameters you enter.

Clicking Save Settings generates a form with the following features:

  • On the upper left, a link identifies the form and links to metadata about the particular type of form.
  • On the upper right, a link provides shortcuts for saving.
  • Radio buttons allow you to choose from the two shortcut functions:
    • Save a new shortcut

      In the field "Save a new Shortcut using the label:", you can enter a label for the new shortcut. If you invoked the data extract, data template, PDQ, or indexed report from the Master Catalog, this field will contain the original label as the default. If you invoked the item through a shortcut, this field will contain the label associated with the shortcut as the default.

    • Overwrite an existing shortcut

      Beside "Overwrite the existing Shortcut selected below:", you will see a selection list of the existing shortcuts saved for this item. To overwrite the selected shortcut with the current form, click Save.

    If you have no saved shortcuts, you can only save a new shortcut, and you will not see the radio buttons. You can, however, change the name for the shortcut.
  • Save executes the selected function and displays a confirmation form reporting the name of the shortcut that was saved or overwritten.
  • Clicking OK on the confirmation form returns you to the original report object. Clicking Cancel returns you to the item from which you originally clicked Save Settings.

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