At IU, why do I get a "Certificate Name" error message when I attempt to view my secure web page?

Web accounts on Webserve that use the virtual host service actually exist on,,,, or, even though they can be accessed through their virtual hostname. For example, is the virtual hostname for

However, the secure web server configuration does not support the virtual hostname service unless you obtain a Digital Identification Certificate (digital ID); without one, you must use the literal URL to refer to the secure web server:,,,, or For information about obtaining a digital ID, see Obtaining an SSL certificate for your website.

If you do not obtain a digital ID, links to all secure web pages hosted on Webserve must be in the following forms:

URL form Campus Indiana University Bloomington IUPUI IU Northwest IU Kokomo IU East

In the examples above, replace accountname with the name of the web account on Webserve. Use the appropriate URL form as listed above; otherwise, you will see a "Certificate Name" error message instead of the secure web page.

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