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Ad Astra is an enterprise interactive scheduling system that uses Indiana University's information systems to help departments, schools, and programs efficiently manage activities and resources in classrooms and other campus spaces. Ad Astra is available at no charge to the IU community.


Ad Astra has customizable views of events and classes for streamlined event management, tailored event request forms, and robust reporting capabilities. With Ad Astra, you can:

  • Manage non-traditional spaces and resources such as outdoor areas, electronic spaces, vehicles, equipment, and personnel
  • Use drag and drop functionality, color coding, and photos
  • Search for available rooms across campus
  • Block rooms from being scheduled for building maintenance, renovations, holidays, etc.
  • Assign and track other attributes to an event, such as hospitality or technology support
  • Export reports to digital signage or QR codes

Access Ad Astra

Go to Ad Astra in One.IU, and click Start.

The information you can view is dependent on user permissions.

Get started

For help getting Ad Astra set up for your unit, send email to adastra@iu.edu.

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