Connect to Denodo through JDBC

Denodo is a data virtualization and data integration platform in use at Indiana University. Denodo can connect to many different kinds of data sources and then combine, aggregate, or join and filter these data sources and present the results in multiple formats.

For the best performance, connect to Denodo using the Denodo JDBC Client driver. This driver is bundled with a VDB client installation, and is located in <Denodo Installation Folder>/tools/client-drivers/jdbc/denodo-vdp-jdbcdriver.jar.

Alternatively, you can connect directly to Denodo using an out-of-the-box PostgreSQL JDBC driver. JDBC drivers can be used by Java applications or in database tools (e.g., AquaData). These drivers are available from the PostgreSQL open source project and the IU Maven repository. (The PostgreSQL driver does not support internal Denodo functions or VQL, but allows robust connection pooling.)

Following are example strings for connecting to a virtual database on IU's Denodo DEV, STG, and PRD environments (replace <vdb_name> with the appropriate VDB name):

DEV: jdbc:postgresql://<vdb_name>?ssl=true
STG: jdbc:postgresql://<vdb_name>?ssl=true
PRD: jdbc:postgresql://<vdb_name>?ssl=true

If you need help with Denodo at IU, or have questions, contact the UITS Enterprise Decision Support Services (EDSS) team.

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