ARCHIVED: At IU, what is the Oracle database Oed1prd for self-learning, and how do I get an account?

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The UITS Oracle database for self-learning and instruction (named Oed1prd) is available to Indiana University students, faculty, and staff seeking to learn about Oracle. The current version of the server is Oracle Enterprise Edition Oed1prd is maintained and supported by UITS Enterprise Decision Support Services.

UITS backs up information from Oed1prd to disk and to tape daily with complete backups taken twice a week and incremental backups taken the rest of the week. Since all backups are hot backups, downtime is not necessary. In the event of a system failure, UITS can restore Oed1prd to the point of the last good backup, which is usually from that morning. UITS cannot promise up-to-the-minute recovery of accounts. Further, UITS does not offer recovery of data for individual accounts in cases where data loss is the result of user error. UITS encourages you to maintain copies of all scripts as a sensible measure.

IU students, faculty, and staff may acquire an Oracle account, and have access to Oed1prd for learning basic SQL and Oracle schema administration techniques. Research and development on Oed1prd is prohibited.

For research-related databases, and data-intensive applications that require databases, IU researchers should request accounts on the The Research Database Complex (RDC) at Indiana University . If you have questions about using the RDC for research at IU, email the UITS High Performance Systems (HPS) group, which supports and maintains the system.

Obtaining an Oracle account

If an Oracle account is required for a course, your instructor will set up your account with the necessary specifications (i.e., do not use the following form to request an account). To request an individual account on Oed1prd for learning Oracle, use the Request Form for an Individual Oracle Account.

Account requests are processed during business hours Monday-Friday. If your account request is granted, you will receive information about your Oracle account via email. If your account request does not meet the parameters of service, UITS will also communicate this information via email.

Connecting to your Oracle account

See Connect to your account on the UITS Oracle database Oed1prd at IU

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