How can I connect Denodo to departmental databases?

To create Denodo data source connections to your departmental databases, your databases must allow Denodo access. See below for the ports and proxy accounts that need access to these sources.

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Granting access

If your database server firewall doesn't permit global "inbound" access, you'll need to add firewall exceptions to give Denodo access to your database.

Add inbound access to the following IP addresses for ports 1433 UDP/TCP and 1434 TCP for default instances. If your installation has defined nonstandard ports, permit access to the following IP addresses for all of your JDBC/ODBC ports (contact your database administrator for assistance):

  • (
  • (
  • (
  • (

Connecting with Denodo

Each JDBC connection to a departmental database will have different connection strings, and the format for connection strings varies by driver. UITS recommends that you work closely with your database administrator to properly configure your connection. If you need a driver that is not available, contact EDSS.

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