Create Denodo data sources

Create Denodo data source connections using a group account, departmental account, or other shared account, not a personal account. For more about group accounts, see Request IU computing accounts for groups or departments.

To connect to your data sources, Denodo will initiate an outbound connection from the following URLs and IPs; you may need to open firewall ports to make your data source accessible from these IPs:

  • SND: (
  • DEV: (
  • STG: (
  • PRD1: (
  • PRD2: (

The descriptively named URLs (,, and point to the load balancing servers used for incoming connections to Denodo.

Each type of data source connection has different options. Most connections to relational databases should use JDBC connections. There are many drivers available for JDBC connections (such as Microsoft SQL, MySQL, Oracle, Hadoop, Hive Redshift). To install a JDBC driver not listed here, contact EDSS.

You may also want to connect to Excel, Delimited, JSON, Webservice, LDAP, or XML data sources, or to Box, GitHub, or other web sources. For assistance with these connections, contact EDSS, as it is likely that another group at IU has already connected to a similar type of data source.

If you are connecting to a data source that resides outside of the IU Data Center, consider encrypting the connection.

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