About the PGP Symantec "unknown Certificate Authority" alert

When the Symantec Encryption Server web certificate is updated, upon opening the client's initial connections after the update, you may see a Symantec alert saying "The server pgp.iu.edu has presented a TLS certificate that was issued by an unknown Certificate Authority".

To address this problem, click View Certificate and confirm the following information is accurate:

  • Name:
    • CN=pgp.iu.edu
    • OU=University Information Technology Services Leveraged Services
    • O=Indiana University
    • L=Bloomington
    • ST=IN
    • C=US
  • Issuer:
    • CN=InCommon RSA Server CA
    • OU=InCommon
    • O=Internet2
    • L=Ann Arbor
    • ST=MI
    • C=US
  • S/N: 00 C0 5E 0D 7E BC 36 D9 68 37 CF 84 23 BF 6F 07 B3
  • Fingerprint: 67 68 57 FF BB 19 8E EF 47 80 1B 3F 03 BD FB F2 A3 81 66 B8

After verifying the above information, select the option to Always Allow for this site. This will download the new certificate to the local store for the workstation's certificates.

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