About IU-Link

IU-Link, offered by the Indiana University Bloomington Libraries, speeds your research in library databases and indexes by eliminating the need to exit a database, log into IUCAT, and conduct individual searches for articles and books identified in your database search. IU-Link seamlessly links many electronic books as well as online full-text articles in thousands of online journals to citations in most databases at the IUB Libraries.

To use IU-Link, you must be searching an index or database that supports it. Look for the IU-Link button or for links like Find a copy or Check for availability accompanying the citation for the resource.

When you find an article or book that you wish to view, click the IU-Link button or similar link to see a full menu of options for accessing the resource's full text. When a full-text version is not available, you can go directly to IUCAT to see if IUB Libraries owns the journal or book, or you can request delivery of the item through interlibrary loan.

You may also search for a journal or book title in the IUB Full Text Electronic Journal List.

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