Use screen layouts with Zoom

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Zoom currently does not have options for creating and saving screen layouts or templates. However, you can set your desktop and windows to appear exactly as you want before sharing them with meeting participants.

For an example of shared screen recording, see this screen layout example video.

Enable Zoom window sharing

You can include Zoom windows (for example, chat, video, polling windows), but to save and record them, you will first need to change a Zoom setting:


  1. Open the Zoom application.
  2. Click Settings (gear icon).
  3. Under "General", in the "Content Sharing" section, check Share Zoom windows in desktop sharing.


  1. Open your Zoom meeting room.
  2. In the menubar, click us and choose Preferences....
  3. In the "Preferences" box, choose General.
  4. Check Share Zoom windows in desktop sharing.

Share documents, images, and other media

To share media such as documents, images, web browsers, and PowerPoint presentations as part of a Zoom meeting, use Zoom's screen sharing feature.

Set up PowerPoint for sharing

You can include PowerPoint presentations as part of a shared desktop view by changing a setting that lets you position and resize the slide show window. To present a PowerPoint slide show in a window:

  1. In PowerPoint, click Slide Show.
  2. Choose Set Up Slide Show.
  3. Choose Browsed by an individual (window).

When you play your slide show, it will run in a window that you can move and resize.

Set up and share your desktop

To set up your desktop for sharing:

  1. Move and resize all the windows you want to share.
    The Chat pod will show every chat message sent to the person sharing his or her desktop, so private chats will be recorded and displayed to all participants. If participants try to type in the Chat pod that is part of the shared screen, they will find they can't edit the screen share. The meeting host should direct participants to open their own Chat pods to participate in the chat.
  2. If you want the speaker to appear at all times, in Zoom, click Settings (gear icon). Under "General", in the "Content Sharing" section, check Use dual monitors. You need two monitors for this to work.
  3. To share your desktop, in Zoom, click Share Screen, and then select Desktop.
  4. Record your meeting if desired; for help, see Recording a Zoom meeting.

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