About student drop box folders in Box Course Folders

The student drop box folders feature is available as part of the Box Course Folders integration with Canvas. If you enable this feature, a drop box folder will be created for each student enrolled in the course. You can use these folders to collaborate with individual students, sharing files with them and accessing files that they have uploaded.

The Box Course Folders tool does not work with IU Guest accounts. However, if the owner of the IU Guest account has (or creates) an account at box.com, you can then manually add the guest to any of the folders created by the Box Course Folders tool.

To create student drop box folders:

  1. In the course navigation menu, click Box Course Folders.
  2. In the menu that displays, click Create student drop box folders.
  3. In the pop-up, select a Box role (e.g., Co-owner, Editor, Viewer Uploader) for the student folders. For more about the available Box roles, see The Different Access Levels for Collaborators.
    • Each student will only have access to his or her drop box folder. They will not be able to see or access other students' folders.
    • All students will have the role you selected in step 3 above.
    • When users withdraw or are removed from the Canvas course, they are also removed from their drop box folder.
    • Instructors are automatically added to the top-level drop box folder as co-owners.
    • TAs are automatically added to the top-level drop box folder as editors.
    • Drop box folders cannot be created for students who do not yet have Box accounts. Also, folders are not automatically created for students who enroll in a class after the initial set of folders is generated. These students can create their own drop box folders at a later time by launching the Box Course Folders tool after they activate their Box account.
  4. Click Submit.

    You will receive a Canvas notification when the folders are created. Once the folders have been created, a Go to student drop box folders link will appear in the Box Course Folders menu.

The drop box folders will be located beneath the top-level folder for the course in Box and will use the naming convention COURSE TITLE (COURSE_ID) - DROP BOXES (e.g., SU15: ECOTOURISM: 25256 (1559999) - DROP BOXES). Individual student drop box folders use the naming convention LAST_NAME, FIRST_NAME (USERNAME): COURSE_TITLE (COURSE_ID) (e.g., Doe, Jane (jdoe): SU15: ECOTOURISM: 25256 (1559999)).

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