Use the Reading Lists tool in Canvas


Reading Lists allows instructors to create and manage course reading lists by searching library resources within Canvas and adding readings to their course. As an external tool in Canvas, Reading Lists also lets instructors search library databases for high-quality content, both scholarly and popular, to add to their courses. Instructors can start from a new list or import and edit a previously created list.

Create or edit reading lists

When creating new lists or editing previous ones, instructors can:

  • Add and save content to a reading list by clicking Add to Resource List below the article title on the database results page
  • Add readings to folders to organize them (strongly recommended)
  • Annotate the list of readings to indicate, for example, which parts students should read for a class session

Add the Reading Lists tool

Instructors may add the Reading Lists tool to a Canvas site. To do so:

  1. In the Canvas site, click the Settings page.
  2. Click the Navigation tab and scroll down to the list of hidden items.
  3. Click and drag the Reading Lists tool up to the course navigation of the site.
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save to save Reading Lists in the navigation menu.

Instructors can create multiple reading lists for each course by dividing them into folders, and may copy other reading lists they have created into their new courses. Once an instructor creates a reading list, students may access it via the navigation menu.

Get help

Instructors who wish to add Reading Lists to manually created courses may contact the Support Center Mission Critical team and request their course be moved to a campus node where the tool is available. Instructors should provide the Canvas URL of the course and the Canvas subaccount where instructors need the course moved.

Instructors can find more information about the Reading Lists tool from their campus library. For a general introduction to and demonstration of the tool, see the vendor's documentation.

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