ARCHIVED: What is ITNow 2.0, and how do I subscribe to it?

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ITNow 2.0 is an application that notifies you about important changes to IU's information technology services as soon as they occur.

ITNow 2.0 builds a custom RSS feed that notifies you about important changes to IU's information technology services, allowing you to stay informed about planned downtimes, system outages, upcoming changes, and new features of important UITS services as soon as they are announced. This will help you anticipate downtimes and stay abreast of current events.

You can choose to subscribe to a General IT Notices feed (which includes all IT Notice alerts), or use the ITNow 2.0 Custom Feed Generator. The latter generates a single custom RSS feed for any combination of UITS services, allowing you to configure it to monitor only the services you use. You can also visit the website and build an RSS feed on either a service-by-service basis or a by-service grouping.

In addition to the selected services, you will also get notices about service dependencies, but without getting multiple copies, regardless of how many items are selected. This helps eliminate the possibility of missing an important service notice while also minimizing message duplication.

ITNow 2.0 works with any RSS reader, including web browsers, third-party stand-alone readers, Microsoft Outlook 2010 and 2007, and web-based news readers (e.g., My Yahoo!).

For web-based news readers, you must first obtain an account (typically free of charge) with the service provider.

To subscribe to the ITNow 2.0 Custom Feed Generator:

  1. Visit the ITNow 2.0 Custom RSS Generator.
  2. Select the services for which you would like to receive alerts.
  3. Click Generate Feed.
  4. Follow the instructions to add the custom feed to the RSS reader of your choice.

For an introduction to subscribing to RSS feeds, see RSS Tutorial: How to Subscribe to RSS Feeds.

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