Add or update your phone number in Top Hat

If you can't connect to Top Hat via the mobile app or web app, you can submit your responses via SMS text messaging. In order to receive credit for your text responses, you need to register your cell phone with Top Hat. If you didn't register your phone number as part of the registration process, or if you have a new phone number, follow the instructions below.

If you submitted Top Hat responses via SMS text messaging before registering your cell phone, you will receive credit for those responses as soon as you register and verify your phone.

To add or update your cell phone number:

  1. On a tablet, laptop, or desktop computer, log into the Top Hat web app.
  2. Click your name or the gear icon at the upper right, and select My Account from the drop-down menu.
  3. In the My Account menu on the left, click Phone.
  4. On the "Update My Phone" screen, enter your cell phone number beginning with the area code (e.g., 317-444-9999), and click Send Verification Code.
  5. Check your cell phone for a new text message from Top Hat.
  6. On the "Update My Phone" screen, enter the 4-digit code Top Hat sent you, and click Verify my phone. You should receive a success message indicating your phone has been verified.

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