ARCHIVED: About Network Access accounts (guest wireless access) at IUB, IUPUI, IUE, IUK, IUN, IUS, and IUPUC

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At Indiana University Bloomington, IUPUI, IU East, IU Kokomo, IU Northwest, IU Southeast, and Indiana University-Purdue University Columbus, sponsored visitors can obtain Network Access accounts that provide temporary access to the IU Guest wireless network. UITS provides these accounts for IU visitors who need to access the Internet with their personal computers while on campus.

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Obtaining a Network Access account

For you to obtain a Network Access account, a full-time IU faculty or staff member must sponsor you. The sponsor must submit an online account assignment form and state why you need IU network access. In addition to setting start and end dates for your account, the sponsor must ensure that you read, agree to, and follow the rules and guidelines contained in the Information and IT Policies.

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Sponsoring a Network Access account

As an IU faculty or staff member, to sponsor a Network Access account:

  1. Go to "Policies related to Network Access Accounts", and log in using your Network ID.

    Note: You will not be able to reach this page - it has been retired.

  2. Read the policies, and click I agree. (If you do not agree with the policies, click Log Off to end the account assignment process.)
  3. In the fields provided, enter the information for the person you're sponsoring. In the "Justification:" field, state why this person needs IU network access. Set the appropriate start and end dates for the account in the "Activation date:" and "Expiration date:" fields.

    Note: Network Access accounts last for three days by default, but you can request fewer days or as many as 21 days.

  4. When you've completed the form, click Assign Account. The resulting screen will include the account name (i.e., username) and a passphrase, which you should give to the person you're sponsoring.

    Note: Please record this account information. It is not sent to sponsors or account holders via email. Usernames and passphrases are case sensitive, which means you must use the correct uppercase or lowercase characters. Also, be aware that users of Network Access accounts do not need to use VPN or register their MAC addresses.

Under Indiana University's Eligibility to Use Information Technology Resources (IT-03) policy:
Sponsors of accounts should weigh the risks of an affiliated user causing harm through inappropriate use of IU information technology resources against the benefits of the user having access. Sponsors are responsible for taking steps to reduce the likelihood of inappropriate use (including appropriate user training). Additionally, prior to requesting the account, the sponsor and the person being sponsored should have a written agreement defining the terms of the affiliation relationship. Any written agreement must comply with university policy FIN-TRE-VI-100, Signature Authority and Delegation. Sponsors should consult with their department or unit on how best to document the user's affiliation with and responsibilities to both IU and the sponsor's department or unit.
For more, see Your responsibilities as a computer user at IU

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Connecting to the IU Guest network

See ARCHIVED: Connecting to the IU Guest wireless network using a Conference account or Network Access account.

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What you can access

Wireless access is widely available on IU campuses.

For security reasons, you cannot access the email protocols used by desktop email clients, such as Outlook and Thunderbird, with a Network Access account. However, you can access web-based email accounts, such as Gmail and Windows Live Hotmail.

Network Access accounts do not provide access to the computers or printers in the Student Technology Centers (STCs), the Residential Technology Centers (RTCs), or the IU libraries, nor do they allow you to connect to any other IU system or service. They are not Network ID accounts. If you need access to IU resources, you will need to request another type of sponsored account, such as a Conference account or an Affiliate account. For access to IU Bloomington library resources, obtain a ARCHIVED: Library Guest Account.

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