If you can't see all your VM data in the Commvault web console

Below is a list of known configurations that affect the ability to perform a granular recovery for a VM from the Commvault web console.

  • All VMs (regardless of OS): Volumes using full disk encryption will not be available from the web console browse window.
  • Windows VMs: Volumes that are configured using Windows Storage Pools or Storage Spaces.
  • Linux VMs: Disk groups of volumes that are configured using Oracle ASM.

Restoring volumes on a VM that fall into any of the above configurations will require assistance from the SAV team. Email your request to sav-request@iu.edu.

If your request is an emergency or falls outside of the regular FootPrints monitoring window (Monday-Friday 8am-5pm), call Data Center Operations at 812-855-9910 and request to have an SAV VMware team member paged.

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