First-time access to ArcGIS Pro at IU

You will only need to follow these instructions the first time you start ArcGIS Pro on IUanyWare. To access ArcGIS Pro:

  1. Start ArcGIS Pro.
  2. Do not enter a user name or password. Instead, check Sign me in automatically, and then click Configure your licensing options.

    ArcGIS login screen: Check 'Sign me in automatically' and then click 'Configure your licensing options'

  3. From the "License Type" drop-down menu, select Concurrent Use License, and then click OK.

    ArcGIS Pro Licensing window: From 'License Type', select 'Concurrent User License'

  4. Under "License Level":
    • In the "License Manager" box, enter
    • In the "Backup (Optional)" box, enter

    ArcGIS Pro Licensing: Fill out the boxes under 'License Level'

  5. Click OK. ArcGIS Pro should open.

    The next time you start ArcGIS Pro, you should not need to repeat these steps.

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